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Horseback riding

Horse riding tour

You can a have horseback riding program in Chon Kemin. It takes almost two hours to get there. Horses played a significant role in the life Kyrgyz nomad. They used to say that horses are man's wings. It is unimaginable to be a nomad without a horse. Now you also have a chance to ride it from Chon Kemin village to the bottom of Tien Shan Mountains.



9.00 a.m.  You will meet your guide at hotel.

11.00 a.m. As soon as we arrive in Chon Kemin valley we will start our three hours long horseback riding.

2.00 p.m.  Lunch in Chon Kemin guesthouse.

2.45 p.m.  You are taken back to your hotel. You can have lunch whether in hotel or in one the restaurants in Bishkek.


This program is rough and can be altered according to your wish. Since we are always open for your suggestions!