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Ortok, a village 60 kilometers northeast of Jalalabad, surrounded in one of the most densely forested areas in Kyrgyzstan, of mountains and pastures. Here is a wide variety of flora - trees, grasses and other plants - and animals. About 6 miles outside of the village is a cave with a giant maze.


OsmonovAlykul, poet, dramatist and translator (1915-1950). Born as captan-Aryk Panfilov district in the family poorly. Early lost his parents, was raised in Pishpek Tokmak and orphanages. In 1929-1933. studied at the Frunze pedtehnikume. In 1932-1936. worked in the offices of the magazine "Chabuul" and newspaper "Leninchilzhash". And in 1937-1940 years. - Secretary of the Kyrgyz joint venture on a voluntary basis. Committed in the future, in creative work. First published in 1930. Published many books of poetry. Wrote on kyrgyzskom and Russian, many short stories, poems, legends and fairy tales translated by kyrgyzskogo the Russian language. He received the "Badge of Honor" award. He died at age 35 of pneumonia.

 In Bishkek, in the National Library of Osmonov monument. To the 75th Anniversary of the anniversary of the poet's museum was opened to celebrate in the village where he was born. He has represented note with 200 som.

Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 006
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking Round
Duration: 15 days

Day 1: Arrival in Manas airport in Kyrgyzstan. It is the city of Bishkek. Sai is a booster breakfast and then go Kara. We spend the day in the village of Kara Sai. Days horses to prepare for a tour to the village and get acquainted with the local shepherds were dedicated.
2nd day: in the morning, we Kyr Tash Round Lake in Kyrgyzstan 25-30 km will be trekking tour to the Land of Sai, and to set up camp. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep.
Day 3: After a good breakfast, Kyr Tash will have a trekking tour and travel we Yshtyk Canyon prior to the opening of 25-30 km Besh Moinok in Kyrgyzstan go through the Valley. We choose the base camp. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents at night of tour.
Day 4: Today we have a round freely without a trekking tour and travel Yshtyk Canyon then back to our camp in the valley Jalpak Gray Canyon to Canyon via Baralbas prepared by Yshtyk.
Day 5: Today we Kyr Tash camp in the valley below us to eat in the afternoon to visit a shelter for the shepherds and the 25-30 km vozqlavlenie Canyon Yshtyk have a trekking tour and travel round. The lunch is organized in a way. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep.
Day 6: Trekking tour Kyr us a tour to the Bell Pass Ak Tash and tea Taragai 25-30 km along the road from our camp trekking tour through the Sai River, that.
Day 7: We Jashyl Mai Arm of Lake Superior to the Rocky Valley, a trekking tour through the Bell Lake Dec. 25-30 km will disappear.
Day 8: We rekking round, Juuku Pass (3663 m) to the charming mountain lake in the 25-30 km from there. We Juuku Chong Tash Valley, the "Big Stone" from the camp. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents at night of tour.
Day 9: After a good breakfast, and Kashka Suu River Juuku Juuku through the merger of 25-30 km of rivers, one will be trekking tour. Here we have a country to spend their herders camp.
Day 10: morning in the bathroom, of course, we can hot source, trekking tour round here is a 25-30 km below the Jyluu Suu Valley Spas will Juuku. The lunch is organized in a way. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep.
Day 11: After a delicious breakfast, start trekking tour for Suu Jyluu, we are on the tour road with a deafening representations of Lake Issyk-Kulsky Kyzylsky Sai Valley and Blow Bulak river valley and Bashy Chychkan go 25-30 km. Kok Camp Bell Pass.
Day 12: The morning we were trekking tour , Tereksky Valley AK Bell Pass For Coke camp of 25-30 km. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep.
Day 13: Today we are trekking tour and after a round of White River Glacier Tereksky Mongu, Ak Terek back to our base camp, free of charge, without a mechanism for a loop. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents at night of tour.
Day 14: After breakfast was good, kind, and Kichi Jargylchak Kok River Valley through the Bulak river 25-30 km, will have a trekking tour. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep.
Day 15: a warm bath in the morning, we returned to Barskoon Bulak and Chong Jargylchak Yellow rivers will go through. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and a private home, pending a dream.

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