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Sarala-Saz ("pale marsh"), Jailoo, 54 km north-west of Kochkor. This is one of the best alpine meadows in the Kochkor region. On the way to Jailoo are several large grave mounds from the IV century, high with dimensions of 60 feet in diameter and 13 meters. Other attractions a gallery of petroglyphs (rock carvings), 7 km from Jailoo (1.5-2 hours of riding), and also among the rocks are hidden by a waterfall, 6 km north-east, the. Locals called "Find Me" Standing near a waterfall, thunder, you can not see the falling water. In wild onions growing and neta glacier.

 Annually in August National Horse Games Festival and Folk Music on dzhaylooSarala-Saz. Also, on the way to visit Sarala-Saz Kochkor-Ata, a sacred pilgrimage for Muslims kyrgyzskih ending walk two-mile hike at the foot of the mountains.

Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 004
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking Round
Duration: 14 days

Day 1: After breakfast, a booster car surrounded by 55 km in 2 hours you will be Barskoon that means Arabel Pass (3800 m) to go. After lunch in a mountain lake, Arabel Jashyl-Kol Pass (3800 m) and then through the Suyek Pass (4028 m) in Kyrgyzstan will be a round trip through the horse. Distance of tour : 15-20 km. Time of tour : 3 hours. Lunch at 19:00. Night of tour in tents.
Day 2: If you Taragai Suyek and through the rivers, and there will be a round gold-Eshme trekking tour  through a valley. Bell afternoon, you will Pass (3714 m) in the future. Here you will enjoy amazing trekking tour  in the high mountain valleys and pastures. You will have lunch in a way. Distance of tour : 25-35 km. Time of tour : 4-5 hours. Night of tour in tents.
Day 3: Breakfast at the river Kara-Sai, and the amplifying cattle herders was once a mountain lake with a walking tour of the Bell Pass in Kyrgyzstan. Now, because of the current economic crisis is empty pasture.
Day 4: Trekking tour and travel in the Valley of the probability of detection of Marco Polo sheep, Kyrtash-Yshtyk visits. Distance of tour : 35-40 km. Time of tour : 5-6 hours. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 5: After a delicious breakfast, start trekking tour and travel  down and round and you will come to a shepherd in a country where the river Ak-Shyyrak Canyon in Kyrgyzstan. You will have lunch in a way. Your tour guide can talk to them about life through the shepherd. Distance of tour : 35-40 km. Time of tour : 5-6 hours. Lunch at 19:00.
Day 6: Trekking tour and travel  in the random roads and open areas to go to the river Kara-Sai Kurtash visits. Weather profits will go and greet the sun. Distance of tour : 35-40 km. Time of tour : 5-6 hours. Night of tour is organized in tents.
Day 7: Trekking tour  in the river for Taragai Akbel Pass (3833 m) before the river Kara-Sai is a journey. Distance of tour : 30-40 km. Time of tour : 5-6 hours. You will have lunch in a way. Here again, there is an opportunity to see a mountain goat and sheep, Marco Polo.
Day 8: 7:00 am is breakfast. We Maitor River Valley, a trekking tour  Watches Chokuluu Taragai and down and round begins. One way to meet a horse herders Kymyz (mares milk) will be tested. Juuku Pass (3633 m) from the bottom to Juuku Valley. Distance of tour : 35-40 km. Time of tour : 5-6 hours. Night of tour in tents. The transition from summer pastures used by shepherds bring their cattle and horse prints unique. You will have lunch in a way. One way you can Jashyl-Bush (the value of "green lake" and painted green color closer to the glacier), you will see the name of two mountain lakes.
Day 9: After the Yellow-Moinok down to a tasty breakfast, and then Dunguromo Pass (3773 m) before trekking tour  to the Valley Juuku and round begins. There are traces of wild mountain river, you will be able to secure bərələrində times. Trends in acute blackberry, juniper and a fur-tree branches are covered with thickets. Distance of tour : 30-40 km. Time of tour : 5-6 hours. Night of tour in tents.
Day 10: Breakfast at the amplifier to the yellow-Moinok and territorial Keregetash later. You'll find a way to shepherds and to drink the national drink - Kymyz. Legend of foreign spirits Kymyz when they come back to Kyrgyzstan, he says. The lunch is organized in a way. Burlenie this horse trekking tour  in the mountains during the day will bring. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 11: Mountain Otok Chunkur-in-Jantyk Kohl's Zoo, this is the name of the deepest lake in the beautiful mountain lake visits. The sky, the earth, kissed the shimmering like a star in the night of tour.
Day 12: After a delicious breakfast and trekking tour  Chunkur A-Arm Tosor Pass (3893 m), begins the round. Two - one lasting three hours at a time, it is not clear that cattle graze, with a yak and a shepherd in the country can bring to you.
Day 13: Essential breakfast at 7:00. This is a trekking tour  trip to Kechuu Tash. You will meet shepherds on the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and to listen to their favorite covers in a way. You will have lunch in a way. Night of tour in tents.
Day 14: Breakfast. We are in the valley of the Kok Tash Dobo (a green hill) will travel to the Valley on foot. The left and right in a beautiful mountain landscape of glaciers on the lake issyk-kulskom Revel. In the evening, we go to the car Barskoon. You will have a chance to take a bath in local thermal waters. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.

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