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Kyrgyzstan mound


First Besshatyr mound. In the group of large mounds of burial is located north of the others. Its diameter - 52 m, height - | 7,6 m height of the embankment on the south side, 8, 93 m mound has a stone finish. At the base of the embankment stone laid more tightly. The top of the mound is flat on the eastern side of the crater depth is preserved Bina to 2 m and 16 g in diameter - the traces of a robbery. No additional structures monument has not.
First Besshatyr mound excavated in 1961 in the course of the work were able to trace the structure of the mound. It consisted of three layers. The top layer of stone coating thickness up to 1 m at the apex; mound and up to 3 m at the base. The most powerful - the second layer, consisting sisting of earth and gravel, has a thickness of 3.5 to 13 m bottom layer with standing of the large rubble, he had a thickness of 1.5 to 10-12 m layer under this outline stood a large wooden structure of the processed whole Tien Shan spruce logs. This building was the "royal" tomb. It was erected on the surface buried under the mound of soil, ie. was completely ground construction.
Besshatyr tomb - a complex for its time, a tree vyannaya construction. It consists of three parts: a corridor (dromos), vestibulocochlear, and an extension of the burial chamber. The corridor is a long, high and open (non-overlapping) construction times Mayor of 5,75 x1, 50 m height of its more than 5 m preddverno extension - an extension of the corridor, it is below its nearly 2.5 meters square, and adjacent to the eastern wall of the burial chamber. Size 1,75 x1, 25 m, covered by five short logs. The side walls of the two input structures common, built of logs "position on each other. Lower beams resting on a stone base. On the inside of horizontal beams supported by five pillars dug into the earth to a depth of 1 m
The corridor is divided into two compartments (wells) across the position in relation to the side walls and between the logs stuck in the walls of the block.