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Kyrgyzstan fences


On the west and north-western side of the mound stone shaft razobra HN local residents as a building material.
Attraction of the monument are also located close to nye bulk ring structures composed of large stone pillars (menhirs), dug in the butt, and big boulders. For convenience, these structures will be called as the "fences." Only about 94 Grand Mound fence. They are located around the mound curl, and the top of the spiral (a fence) is in side of the mound and the effluent is separated from the stone shaft of 30 m and ends at the end of the fence 93, located to the south at 50 m from the shaft. In the northern part of the chain fence is 70 meters and the west - 36 m from the shaft. The distance between the fences, on average - 3 m, diameter of the ar 2-3 m rad-94 is located inside the fence of chain fences, v located on the north side of the mound.
In some vertically standing stone pillars carved fences tamgas Kazakh tribes, among which can be disassembled so-called "koztanba."
At 250 meters to the north-east of the mound there are seven type I like fencing, extending from southeast to northwest at about 40 m of separate enclosures found many small shards of pottery, among which are sometimes found on the handles of clay boilers.
In 1957 work was carried out to clarify the use of fences. Around the Big Mound, mostly from the south-eastern and southern g. parties, was excavated and 14 major remaining fences. In them, except two, were found at shallow depth ash, soot stains (size 30X50 cm). In the two fences, except for L ash stains found small pieces of calcined bone, a small piece of pottery and bead. It can be argued that the fence had a ritual function in general, and in this case was undoubtedly connected with the cult of fire.
Grand Mound on the mound there is a huge crater with a diameter of 32 m and a depth of 7 m - it traces the predatory looting.