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Kyrgyzstan chamber


The burial chamber has the shape of an irregular square (3,60 X3, 30 m), the height of 4 m, the parties focused on the countries of the world, with little deviation. The walls of the chamber built of logs Tien Shan fir laid on each other in 16 rows. Ceiling and roof are rolling logs, lying directly on the walls of the chamber length in the meridional direction. The thickness of the rolling seven - eight logs.
     The logs forming the walls of the chamber, holding 16 vertical poles dug. Each of the three parties have two external and two internal post. Outdoor pillars dug at the ends of logs lying, and internal - in the corners. Only the east wall on the outside and inside stands four gripping post. This is because the middle of the wall at the height of the second timber from the bottom and top of the seventh, made a doorway size 150X75 see he has a high threshold in a single log.
All the tombs are well treated logs: Flush cut down the branches, the bark is removed. The logs that make up the walls of the chamber, carefully OTE Sana'a and the fee adjusted to each other, to make construction more sustainable fat butt logs alternately facing in opposite directions. In this alternation was achieved not only the stability of masonry, but also to prevent distortion of the walls. At the corners of the chamber adjacent log walls only touch each other and bonded together. Thus, the structure is not Besshatyr log cabins in the usual sense.
On the logs are well preserved traces of chisels and knives - guns, torymi to cut and treated wood, all the logs at the ends and middle of the eye there (Figure 22-23). The flat ceiling of the burial chamber, which consists, as already noted, from the rolling logs in seven or eight rows from the top was covered with reed mats, ropes tied Chiev.
After the rite of burial chamber entrance was built with large stones and corridor sections to the top zabutovany cam mixed it with crushed stone. After that, over the burial structures it, towering over the surrounding area for more than 5 meters, was built a huge mound of stone and rubble.