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Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 005
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking Round
Duration: 16 days

Day 1: Introduction to all the shepherds on Wednesday, a day trip, a journey of harmony and practice performance. Black-Sheep Camp.
Day 2: We Ak Sai Pass and Ak Tash and Tash Rabat to the valley and beautiful Chatyr Bush Lake is approximately 20 km a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan. Ak Tash camp in the valley made.
Day 3: Trekking tour and travel to visit Suu Kok Ken through Aigyr after 25-35 km of the river Ak Tash for Keltebek is vertical. We Suu Ken Camp, snow-covered mountains.
Day 4: Trekking tour and travel River crossings after Tash Kashkara Ken Ichke Suu Suu Chet visits, and so on. We set up camp on the river Muzdabas in Kyrgyzstan.
Day 5: After breakfast was delicious and round Muzdabas start with the trekking tour, high mountain lakes, we Kohl Kosh (3355 m) and 35-40km travel through Bordu in Kyrgyzstan. We spend the night of tour at the lake. Night of tour is in tents in the park.
Day 6: Trekking tour and travel to visit Ruver low-Kosh Kol in Kyrgyzstan. Long-Bulak river and in the afternoon we move forward Suu Koiluu. The lunch is organized in a way. Our camp will be Kainar River.
Day 7: After a tasty breakfast we Koiluu Salt Ashuu Suu Pass (3400 m) and a trekking tour Suu Kundu, a 35-40km trekking tour and round begins. We camp along the river Kainar.
Day 8: We took the time to wash and clean Kainar spend the morning on the shore. We are free to travel without having to prepare for the afternoon in the mountains, and we come back to the camp.
Day 9: Trekking tour we go to the river Balyktu 35-40km away from the river, and the river is a Kainar is Bashy. We set up camp near the river in Bashy.
Day 10: The Uhlan-Batorsky (3791 m) in order to cross the river Trekking tour in Uhlan-Batorsky Bashy forward to a trip, and after.
Day 11: Mountain Batorsky Pass-through Uhlan for us to visit, Flask Kok (3993 m) Pass the Flask Kok River to trekking tour. We set up camp along the River Patrol.
Day 12: From the River to River Patrol said Jailoo. The lunch is organized in a way. Just before the Camp Pass Chakyr protected.
Day 13: After breakfast a delightful protected Chakyr Pass (3882 m) 35 km from Joe's Jurok and Kara Suu river and round the trekking tour begins. Night of tour is in tents in the park.
Day 14: We are in our camp, Kara Suu Valley Charter Pass (4001 m) is a trekking tour, 30-40km.
Day 15: Trekking tour Valley of the statute is to stay at home with the family we visit a small village of shepherds Sai Road.
Day 16: If you will be at the airport.

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