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    Fundamental difference between these two concepts do not. In

Western European countries is more common term "package" in the U.S.

- "Pekidzh tour."

    The structure of these tours varies greatly depending

from the land of tourists, their purchasing power, character,

Scope and quality of services offered.

    International tourism has become a significant in many countries

Source of income and growth of the national economy. So

advanced countries such as Switzerland, Austria, France, a significant proportion

his fortune was built on the revenue from tourism.

     International tourism has become an important source of foreign exchange

many developed and developing countries. For example, the share of income from

foreign tourism in the total exports of goods and services

is in Spain - 18.3%, Austria - 11.8%, Greece - 33.6%, Portugal

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(India, Egypt, Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica).


Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 007
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking Round
Duration: 8 days

Day 1: The tour guide meets you at Manas International Airport in Kyrgyzstan and the hotels and resorts with breakfast and accompany you to Bishkek city. Very square, Philharmonic, Statue of Manas, Victory Square - Oak Park, Wing explore the sights. Hotel Night of tour .
Day 2: Morning Patrol transfers and travel . Today, parts of the survey (the Russian Orthodox Church and the Dungan mosque). Small hotels Patrol night of tour .
Day 3: Russian military vehicles (uazik) 4WD Patrol and the engine Early in the morning for the bus to change. Then south along the river, a valley divided Patrol. A fur-tree tree by the military load of 4 WD Patrol valley between the rocks deafening airing of an interesting way to go to the mountain. The next stage - fur-tree among the trees in the valley trekking tour Cyrillic-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. Cirrhotic Camp (2800 m) in tents, dinner and more. You will have lunch in a way. Night of tour stay is in tents.
Day 4: Breakfast at the height of the valley trekking tour steadily continued. Today you Alakol in Kyrgyzstan and lake transfers. A candle lake. Sits at an altitude of 3532 meters above sea level. , A length of 2.3 km by 700 m of glacial melt water that falls into a well, a beret, and at the other end. Today, we will go down to the valley of the Wing Keldike Kul pass (3860 m) will be continued. Dinner and overnight of tour in tents Keldike valley (3200 m).
Day 5: This morning, trekking tour and travel to visit the Valley of Gold-Arashan. "Golden Arashan" Kyrgyz "golden vesen" known at the time, it is in natural medicine, Sulfur Hot Springs. Leisure and free time for a visit to the Hot Springs. The lunch is organized in a way. Dinner and overnight of tour in a wooden house (2600 m).
Day 6: After breakfast, a tasty main road and round the trekking tour and travel begins. Meet the car. Mountain City Highway Patrol for a very interesting engine. Patrol arrived. Aircon bus to convenient transportation. Cholpon-Ata management. Today, the rest of the lake. Small hotel Night of tour .
Day 7: Bishkek after passing a morning meal. In a way, the old town Balasagyn (- XIII XI) to see Burana tower in the left stop. Days free of charge. Small hotel or hotel Night of tour .
Day 8: If you will be at the airport.

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