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Kyrgyz chamber


However, these seemingly safe, protective measures are not rescued from the tomb looting. The robbers dug up the mound, pulled down backing, went down to the first compartment into the corridor and entered the burial chamber. Therefore, for our entrance has been excavated from covered, and the burial chamber is filled with earth and stone of one meter. Filling in was through the hole, after the robbers left. On the earthen floor of the chamber after the clearing of the dam were found scattered bones of male and female skeletons, animal bones, wooden legs of a subject.
Second Besshatyr mound. Located 100 m north of the Big Mound. Diameter - 68 m, average height - 9.5 m mound covering a stone, with the largest stones in several layers to tightly packed at the base of the mound. Barrow is surrounded ka menny shaft width of 2-2.5 m, height 30-50 cm distant from the basis of Bani mounds 5-7 m in some parts of the shaft preserved wasps tatki masonry.
In the north-eastern side of the mound is a chain of 12 ar happy, stretching from south-east to north-west by 100 m of the Fences Lena from large boulders and menhirs. All menhirs dug from the outside in relation to the mound by fences and boulders lie on the inside. The extreme south-east wall is 20 meters from the shaft, and the north-ern for - 50 pm At the embankment of the mound there are predatory crater depth of 5 m
Third Besshatyr mound. Located in the northwestern part of the cemetery, the second-rank led the Big Mound. Diameter from north to south - 73 m from the west to at runoff - 75 m, height - 11.5 m flat top of the mound (diameter 20m), destroyed a large predatory in Ronco depth of 3 m by oc Considerations mound large paved with broken stone, cos giving the impression that chickens gan rests on a foundation. On the south side of the mound there are submarine pit (3 m) from top to bottom and ending with a flat kim hill with a diameter of 12 m and a height of 1 m for the same Padina is on the north-west one hand.