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Train transportation

Transportation is a crucial aspect of the country's development, and we'll discuss rail prospects in this part. Kyrgyz Temir Joly, or Kyrgyz Railroad, is a railroad service business in Kyrgyzstan. And not all of the travelers on tours will be able to travel across the country by train because of the mountainous terrain.

Before embarking on a tour to Kyrgyzstan and a car rent, it is necessary to understand that the country's train network is divided into two halves, one northern and one southern. To travel to the Issyk Kul area, for example, it is not necessary to rent a car, but rather to purchase rail tickets and depart Bishkek for Balykchy. The tour then continues to Kazakhstan's railroad. Travelers who wanted to visit Uzbekistan in the past had the notion of traveling there from Osh and Jalal-Abad. Today, however, it is impossible.

It is possible to discover the timetable on the Railroad Company's website, before a tour, in order to know how to go to Kyrgyzstan. However, trains may not bring you to your destination in the quickest time, but they will provide you with the option of choosing your degree of comfort along the route. Then, after arriving in Kyrgyzstan, anyone may rent a car from Bishkek and explore the surrounding areas on travel.


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