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Issyk Kul lake

We're sure to claim that Issyk Kul Lake is the pearl of the land. It's situated in the middle of the mountains and must be seen on a tour of Kyrgyzstan with a car rental, giving us a chance to see the beautiful view of the "warm lake." It's the salty one, it never melts. A lot of people have welcomed the notion that it's salty. It is said that there was a village, an ancient city, struck by an earthquake. At this time, a handful of the girls were out of town until they came back and found the ruins weeping and filled the void.

Our team was authorized to prepare a tour of the lake in Kyrgyzstan, with the water level dropping by around 8.5 meters from 1856 to 2002. At the same time, anyone who comes here to rent a car can see the lake through the Kungey Alatau range in the north and the Terskey Alatau range in the south. The lake could be the one where the fish live. But if you're on the sand, you can buy a bare osman, a chebak, and a carp. They rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and, of course, taste the quality of the sea, the air and the excitement of the tours.


Issyk Kul mountain lake, Kyrgyzstan tours.