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Currency of Kyrgyzstan

Visitants of Kyrgyzstan make an exploration of the country before visiting it and in this case, they are concentrating in currency. Consequently, as one of the queries, the guests want to know more about the amount of the currency to carry. Kyrgyzstan car rent is taken and the people coming here can pay with dollars and soms. Money can be exchanged in the banks of the country. In the majority of the places the main currency is som. On the tours in Kyrgyzstan please take it into account as well as rent a car for the comfortable trip.

The rates are diverse in the banks of Bishkek, but it is assuredly better than in the regions of the country or in the bazaars. In order to travel here the boarders, need to exchange the money, and the banks work normally till 5pm, with the offices of money exchange about 24 hours a day. For the system of money exchange during the tours in Kyrgyzstan it is indispensable to have the passport. However, there is Visa and Master card credit cards, no in all of the places they can be used. So, cash is used on the tours in Kyrgyzstan. 

We are glad to provide you useful information about Kyrgyzstan: 
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