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Ceremonials, or rituals are highly important for any person of any country, and in the country there are many of the rituals followed by the locals. That is why today the tour along the country can be offered on the rented cars, as basically high in the mountains rituals of the past times can be viewed. Guests who travel in Kyrgyzstan with our company are offered the opportunity to be informed with some of such rituals, for knowing better the country where you are going to have a trip. The trip promises to be splendid as the members of the company like ours consist only of professionals.

For the boarders it is really easier to take a car rented and het in touch with the rituals, customs and traditions, famous in the modern state. At the same time all of the rituals have certain historical background and we are going to investigate since the past times, of the period of the Turkic tribes. It is worth mentioning, of the Kyrgyz people having the nomadic way of life in the past times. Their lifestyle was based on going from one site to the other with all their stuff.

As your tour is taken in Kyrgyzstan by you, be sure to investigate the rituals of the state, like of childbirth. The first and the most famous one is suiunchu and it is seen as the event, when parents need to be given money as they tell good news. After it the korunduk ritual goes on and we are going to get in touch with the still giving of money, as this is the first meeting with the baby. As the childbirth is celebreated, we have beishik toi, when visit the great amount of friends and relatives, cook traditional and so delicious food. At the same time for the evil spirits to go away, archa is burned. The situation for the child to make his first steps, the tushoo kesuu is organized. This time the elder kinds of the relatives make a challenge for untying of the ropes on the legs of the child.

As we are investigating the country on the cars for rent, our driver takes us to the celebration of wedding. Wedding is also of great significance here and seems to have a great amount of the engagement rituals. As the wedding is organized, many visitors are offered to come, even if there is a bad finance situation. But still these are traditions. One of them is identified as ala kachuu, being prohibited today. It is the situation, when a bride is caught and kidnapped by the unknown people. She is taken to the home of the supposed groom, after which she has no a chance to leave. Engagement in the eyes of God is nike kyiuu, according to the traditions of the Muslims. The celebration day of kyz uzatuu is seen as the event made for the bride when she is leaving her family. That is why in the course of the outing in the country, be sure to travel and see all of the offered rituals.