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Altyn Arashan rift

Everyone knows that Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country of mountains, lakes and gorges. Our clients on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to explore the nature and see the important objects of the country, the best sights and also rent a car for a trip to the Altyn Arashan gorge. The beautiful scenery of the mountain gorge will show you the charming nature and see that it is full of hot sprin

gs. You can go on tours in Kyrgyzstan, see the gorge near the city of Karakol in the mountain valley of the Altyn Arashan River. Your road will take you about 10km.

Exploring the nature of Kyrgyzstan in a mountain gorge, you can marvel at its appearance and also translate the name as "Golden Resort". Tours in Kyrgyzstan will be based on the fact that you will be able to taste the mineralized waters, as they are good for your health and enjoy your time. Our company provides you with car rental on tours, and you can enjoy the moments spent on tours in Kyrgyzstan.