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Kyrgyzstan is a land with high mountains and is known as an amazing destination for mountaineering tours. It is a well-known way to spend free time in Kyrgyzstan on a car rental tour. Our Kyrgyzstan is found by climbers as an excellent location for hiking and trekking. It was illegal to go up in the mountains in the days of the Soviet Union. Many of the high-ranking persons were able to get visas to climb the mountain tops. Go on tours with our guides and they will give you information about the Kyrgyzstan mountains, both permits and conditions, advantages and disadvantages. Remember that being in the heights poses problems from the point of view of avalanche threats.

We may now assume that when the trekkers attempt to climb the heights of 7000 m above sea level, the Snow Leopard is awarded to them. Around 600 climbers managed to get the award during the Soviet Union period. We recommend renting a car and watching the tours.