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Excavations in Kyrgyzstan


At 4 m from the base Kurg on a stone shaft width is 1.3-1.7 m in some parts of the shaft ryh, especially in the north, has been preserved in stone masonry (Fig. 27, 28), it you comb 50 - 60 cm
Barrow is surrounded by 40 ar happy, composed of large boulders and menhirs. The latter have always dug tion with the inner it (to the mound) side. Oz happy with the south are separated from the shaft to 50 meters from the north - by 17 m with a pad - 15 m from the east - at 8 pm on the west side of the corner joint tomb of logs in the chain fence there is a gap of 70 m, and on the north - in the 55 meters as a result, on the northwest side of the mound there are only three fences.
On the southeast side of the embankment, between the shaft and chain fences, races based on two separate posed fence. In total they number 42. On one of the boulders that came in a separate southern fence, knocked out with a sharp instrument design. Depicts a mountain goat with large horns bend tymi lying on his back. As he clutched his throat with a long wolf nym, lowered down the tail and ears sticking up.
 Third Excavation of the mound took place in I960, was filmed on a rash mound, excavated three fences and trimming is done segment-ka, alternating shaft length of 40 meters to determine the structure was taken to the full height of the southern half of the mound. The excavation showed that the mound consists of 17 alternating layers of stone and earth from the rubble. In the horizontal section of these layers appear as concentric rings of wide cal: the stone - in the 30-50 cm, ground - 2-4 pm Inside the mound in the center was a large mound of gravel and stone AE 4 m high with a diameter of 15 m as and other excavated mounds Besshatyr, there is also a stone mound was once Bre venchataya tomb. But it was burnt, probably, hornbeam Teli wanted to cover up predatory excavations. Barrow had underground tunnels, dug in the bedrock.