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Lexus GX470 car rent Kyrgyzstan

Lexus GX470

Lexus GX470 rent for tour      Lexus GX470 rent for tour 

The interior of this car is the epithet of luxury and comfort. Lexus GX470 is the car, which you will ride confidently on city streets. And we offer you to rent this car. Not all vehicles can travel along the route that the off road cars travel. And the most important part of renting this car is the convenience and capacity that will allow you to take anything on your journey. By renting this car, you can see places like not only the famous Issyk Kul Lake and Son Kul Lake. Due to the climate of Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental. The temperature in the mountains varies from 0 to 30 + ℃. Long trips will not put pressure on you but give coziness and comfort.

We can offer car rent service with a driver, this option will make your trip easier. Drivers from our company are the best. They are the most experienced drivers here. Don't need to worry, if you choose to rent the car without a driver it will not spoil the beauty of this country in any way and you can enjoy the nature of Kyrgyzstan without any problems.

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