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According to legend, on his way back to Tashkent, the delegation met a young man who resembles his appearance Polat bey. It was Mullah Hassan Ishaq Uulu came from a kind of Boston South kyrgyzskogo ichkilik tribe. He was fairly educated, have experience c people otlichalsya energy and lively spirit. After an open discussion c Kyrgyz ambassador young man agreed to give his name and assume the title of Khan Polat, vnykaAlim Khan. This happened in 1873. The self-proclaimed Polat Khan was soon raised to a white koshme and thus won since. The legal rights of the ruler of the Khanate Military success is not always accompanied by the rebels. However, the lesions were replaced by happiness. 9th October, 1875 rebel army possession of Kokand. Nasreddinbek, the rightful heir to his father svoero Khudoyar Khan fled to the protection of the Russian troops. Russia imposed on the territory of the khanate Kokandskoro troops. Polat Khan declared a holy war - a war against the infidels. Soon the rebels were defeated. The Pretender hung on the market Marghelan

Kyrgyzstansky trekking: Round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking Round
Duration: 12 days

Day 1: We will go to a valley on the Barskoon Dobo is Ak in Kyrgyzstan. After that you go to the river Tarylga a fur-tree in the forest will be snowy and beautiful. You can enjoy the wide open pastures representations of shepherds grazing their assembly. Kok-Bulak are offered lunch at 19:00 in the Valley.
Day 2: After a good breakfast, Kok-Bulak will have a trekking tour and travel you cross the river, and kind of Kichi-Jargylchak jailoo (grass) held through. The rich tapestry of striking down the road you will pass and the spirit colors and a mountain landscape representations of grasping issyk-kulskogo Lakes will be tested. Lunch is available at 19:00. Night of tour is organized in tents Valley Kok-Bella.
Day 3: Trekking tour and travel Kok, Bella agrees to visit. Delivery of the vehicle to meet the new facility will Juuku Valley trekking tour . Kashka-Suu in Kyrgyzstan After breakfast free for a trip to the river to begin. The dinner will be presented in a way. It is through the support from all food and mechanism are put forward. Lunch is available at 19:00. Night of tour is organized in tents.
Day 4: After a good breakfast will be trekking tour through the Valley of the Kashka-Suu in Kyrgyzstan, you can see the nomadic Kyrgyz people in real life, will be tested. Kashka-Suu river before returning to the base of a valley will take some time. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents at night of tour .
Day 5: Morning Valley is Juuku. On the balance sheet rather than as a mechanism for you, you can go through the proper parts. You will meet many Kyrgyz shepherds and lunch and "Kymyz" (the national drink made from mare's milk) will be invited to. Tisha Eto, 4808 meters above the mountain looks impressive. Lunch is available at 19:00. Night of tour is organized in tents in the valley of Chong-Tash.
Day 6: After breakfast was good as 3633 m in Juuku will be trekking tour and travel through the Valley Juuku. is organized in a way to eat. What is the name of a road Jashyl Bush "Green Lake" with the name of the lake you will see a double. This trekking tour Jetim-Bella (3993 m) and will continue to go to the Arabel Valley. Lunch is available at 19:00.
Day 7: A morning on the river Kara-Sai Ak-Bella Pass (3833 m) before trekking tour to a trip to the river Taragai. Here are some you can see wild mountain goats and sheep Marco Polo. After a visit to Lake Kyrtash. Lunch is available at 19:00.
Day 8: After a good breakfast in the Lake Kyrtash will have a trekking tour , you Baralbas along the river, about 25 km from the Chinese border, Ak-Shyirak Canyon to visit the South Side. Lunch is available at 19:00. Night of tour is organized in tents.
Day 9: Transition to the river several times, walking through the Canyon Ak-Shyirak. You can eat them in a shepherd to visit in the future. Kara-Sai afternoon, you will go to the Valley. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep.
Day 10: Red-Eshme and the Valley of the morning we start trekking tour and round. You will cross the river in the afternoon Taragai. You can visit the beautiful high mountain valley and enjoy the open pastures. SUEK-Suu River adjustment to the camp. Lunch is available at 19:00.
Day 11: After a good breakfast SUEK-Suu will have a trekking tour , Valley Yellow-rock-you will be in the upper rivers and pastures. The largest mountain range on the border with China offices in the distance you can. Lunch is available at 19:00. Night of tour is organized in tents.
Day 12: Morning, Alpine Valley along the lake Okurgon Bush Yellow-rock-the-top SUEK (4028 m) to accept. After lunch in the mountains, to travel, to support the vehicle Barskoon recedes. The dinner will be presented in a way. Lunch is available at 19:00. Night of tour is organized in the country.

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