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The history of Kyrgyzstan starts from the second millennium BC. The place knows the ancient civilizations of Saks, Usuns, and Huns gradually replacing each other. It was followed by the rise of Turkic dynasty which later fell into two branches and Kyrgyz people fell under the dominance of Western Khanate. Later in the 9th century having defeated the Uigur Khanate the Kyrgyz formed their first independent country.

Late there was established the Khanate of Karakhanids during the 10th century. One of the most significant cities was the town named Balasaguni, known as the capital of this statement. You can visit this town even nowadays and see the remained citadel and the tower. You can get there within one hour driving from Bishkek.

The territory за Kyryzstan was occupied by the troops of Genghis Khan in the 13 th century there comes into existence the great Mongolian Empire. After the death of the powerful emperor the Empire was split into many small kingdoms, and the region of today's Kyrgyzstan was a part of the Chagatai Khanate.

The medieval ages for the Kyrgyz people were dark and described by incessant wars between the local tribes as well as the invaders. Later the area was ruled by the Kokand Khanate, ruled by Uzbeks after which the district became part of the Russian Empire after a revolt in 1873 - 1874, and it combined to the Soviet Union following the October Revolution  since 1936.

The Kyrgyz Republic established its independence in 1991, August, 31, and since then it is known as an self-governing country of Kyrgyzstan.