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Welcome to our page where you can find lots of interesting tours in Central Asia. We suggest you to learn history and culture of such countries as KyrgyzstanUzbekistanTajikistanKazakhstan and Turkmenistan through our Silk Road tours. Each country has its own unique features that make it unequaled. You can explore them by using our car rent services. Here are the reasons why these countries attract so many tourists each year:

Kyrgyzstan is visited mostly for mountains, and it makes sense, as 93 % of its territory is covered by majestic Tien Shan Mountainous system. It is a country of crystal-clear lakes, countless rivers, gorges and valleys. You can get acquainted with nomadic culture, learn their ancient traditions and customs carefully kept from generation to generation. Kyrgyzstan tours are also interesting for adrenaline lovers, as they can experience mountaineering, skiing, rafting, horse riding and many other activities.

Uzbekistan is a heart of Silk Rod treasures. The majority of its architectural sites are included into the list of tangible heritages of UNESCO. Each city has its own peculiarities but have one thing in common, which is undisputable beauty and spirit of antiquity. You will learn history Silk Road, all the states and nations that contributed in developing its hundreds branches, their culture, crafts and beliefs during your tours in Uzbekistan.

Tajikistan will conquer with its tremendous Pamir Highway and its people who lived isolated with natural barriers for years and kept their language, culture and traditions. Even though Tajikistan is a mountainous country like Kyrgyzstan, it is totally different country not even closely similar to the latter. Explore its amazing lakes, waterfalls, rivers, Zerafshan and Fann Mountains during your adventurous tours in Tajikistan. You can make your adventurous by using our cars for rent without a driver.

Kazakhstan is unique in its own way. Its immense territory that takes the ninth place in the world is full of steppes, semi-deserts, mountains, national parks and natural resources. These things certainly create great opportunities for tourism which is developing quickly in the last few years. Almaty, its major cultural and historical city, offers a big variety of sightseeing tours and outskirt visits including Big Almaty lake, Issyk Lake, Kaindy and Kolsai lakes, Charyn canyons, Medeo gorge, Shymbulak ski resort and lots of others. Kazakhstan tours are great for beginning to discover Silk Road countries one by one. You can rent a car here, too.

Turkmenistan was considered as a closed country for a long time, but tourism is booming nowadays. That is fait, as it has many things to show even to the most tempted guest. Starting your tour in Ashgabat, the world's most marble city, you will be amazed by a big contrast of culture, landscapes, and people moving from one destination to another. Among them Darwaza gas crater, usually called, the Gates of Hell, is a must-visit as well as ancient cities of Mary, Merv, Kunya-Urgench and Nisa.

A big variety of landscapes, cultures, riot of colors is waiting for you if you participate in our tours in Central Asia!  Contact us and have the most memorable vacations of a lifetime!